----The products of Guangxi Lingshan Yinsong are deeply loved by European customers  

    According to European consumers' reactions,heather fence with shade netting、heather fence with coconut fiber produced by Guangxi Lingshan Yinsong Crafts Co., Ltd are deeply loved by European customers,marking the gradual expansion of the market share of Guangxi Lingshan Yinsong crafts in Europe.

   Foreign trade in 2020-2023 was achieved in a complex environment such as slowing overseas demand、unexpected disruptions due to epidemics and geopolitical conflicts, and trade frictions. Our company has always resisted the pressure and made full use of the advantages of the mild climate, abundant rainfall, and sufficient sunlight in the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone to quickly obtain a wealth of natural plants, thereby ensuring that we provide high-quality product quality and professional services, timely delivery, and meet customers' shipping needs. At the same time, we adhere to the concept of people-oriented, innovative development, while doing a good job in key products, but also constantly enrich the product category. The company has developed heather fence with shade netting and heather fence with coconut fiber, which are all made of natural vegetation, selected and weighed by employees, and woven by hand. Subsequently, the woven fence is folded symmetrically to form a interlayer, the environmental protection shading net and palm are placed in the interlayer, fixed and molded through galvanized wire and fixing clips, and finally packaged.The fence can be used to decorate courtyards, balconies, fences, etc., making life and nature integrated, filling the surroundings with green. Adding the netting and coconut fiber can make the fence serve as a light barrier, rain barrier, moisture retention, and cooling function in summer, and also have a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification in winter and spring.

   In 2023, the global economic and trade situation has become extremely severe. We should not forget our original intention and strive to reach the top. There is an old saying that "confidence is more important than gold". We should not be influenced by the external environment, conduct business calmly, make every effort to produce high-quality products, and develop innovative products.